Mackie Onyx 1640


Has anyone used this mixer? I was wondering about possibly picking one up with the firewire card to do some multi-track recording using nuendo. Any insight into anything I mentioned would be greatly appreciated.
Not many people have used Onyx mixers to my knowledge. They are a relatively new line of soundboard. If you get one I would be interested in your experience with the board, so if you could post about it that would be nice.
I've had many good experiences with Mackie...we currently use the good ol' classic Mackie 1604VLZ-PRO for our FOH board along with a pair of Italian made SRM450's, but that's changing this summer with a shiny new TT24 and EAW KF650's :D

From what I've heard, the Onyx series is as good as, or some people say better than, the already fantastic VLZ-PRO series. To tell you the truth, I haven't heard one before, but I do hear that the Perkins EQ beats hands down anything Mackie has ever made. And the firewire works great too, according to reports. Be warned however, the firewire output taps the signal pre EQ, pre fader, and pre insert (just about pre everything except the trim). Kind of a shame they didn't put in a button that would make the firewire output post fader, since that would be ideal for a recording only environment.
I really appreciate the insight, does anyone know of a board that has an easy out (firewire) that includes the eq and other things like that? Thanks again for all of the insight.
In my opinion, I would rather the firewire option bypass the EQ and such, because all of that can be done afterwards. The last thing I need is a source that is forever screwed up by a n00b tech. Of course, it would be nice if it was selectable.

Anyways, my church is updating their sound system. I am recommending the 1640, because it is perfect for their price bracket and application. If we get one, I'll tell you everything you want to know.
Personaly I would have to agree with rapscalLion. If you set the eq to work best for the room then when you record it and go somewhere else it will sound different. I would rather have a clean source and then use an editor and apply all the necessary "out board geear" that way.
Have one, not impressed, and yes INSERT Send and does not play well with logic on the mac. have to crank the preamps up to get the sound. was not impressed at all with the firewire threwput on it. but as a standard mixer, it is awsome.

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