Making Foot Lights

We are doing PHANTOM for our spring musical. Not to be confused with Andrew Loyd Webers Phantom of the Opera. At the down stage part of our apron we need foot lights. Like the ones in the phantom of the opera, if any one saw those. they are square at the bottom and rounded at the top. We need these all across the apron and they need to work. Does any one know how we could make some or where we could get some. Thanks alot
well firstly, whats your invintory like?
then simply use strip lights. you can make lil wood covers if you dont want the striplights to be seen, just make sure to fireproof them
For those interested it's a parallel discussion as it should be to one on [email protected] high school tech'. I inserted my notes there as did others so far in having some good ideas stated on the question. If you do not take part in more than just one forum, you often will loose out on other concepts for doing such things as presented and often should be asked to more than one forum in getting lots of varied answers. I for intstance will not re-print my advice a second time here. There is home webistes, but others that should also be involved with in keeping the ideas and net of information as wide as possible to those interested in learning. I would hope those on also read any comments controlbooth members come up with in also broadending the horizions of this question. In study, one should read from many sources and if one wishes for lots of ideas, perhaps also post to many sources including these two.

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