Marking my "stamp" in the forum!

Hello all!

I was looking for tips on lighting a BW show and stumbled on this site. It appears to be a great haven for us "non-actor" type (I hate "techie") to mingle and share stories and ideas.

My experiance: 31 years ranging from amateur to professional theater. I am primarily a lighting and sound designer, working about 12 productions a season.

Fact is, I am writing this during a dress rehearsal of "Bad Seed" which I am lighting.

I look forward to being a part of this community!


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Welcome Aboard ! Don't you hate that "newbie" label I thought that after this many years I would never have to be a newbie again !

BW show ? black and white ? Or am I being dense here...... I'm not above being dense.


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Welcome to Controlbooth.

Given you appear to have a fair bit of experience under your belt I do hope we can learn from you, and I guess you will pick up a thing or two also.

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