Martin CX range


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Just wondering if anyone has used the Martin CX range of colour changers (CX-2, CX-4 and CX-10 extreme).

Any feedback, thoughts or comments (including alternatives manufacturers/models etc) would be greatly appreciated.

I love em! I think if you had a club or a mobile DJ business they whould rock the house. Im not sure how well a color changer whould fit into a live application but if you are looking for color changers along with the Martin line, I whould look at the VEI V-250 NovaScan Color Changer. If you are looking to use this in more of a live or theatrical production the HES ColorCommand. Anyone who has used this fixture for a theatrical show will agree with me that it is an amazing thing to have around.
Thanks for the feedback Chris, I'll have to check out the ColorCommand as I don't think the NovaScan will fit my application. I already have some similar scanners.


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