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Hey lampie friends!

Just thought I would be a nice SOUND GUY and ask if there is any feedback you would like to hear of in regards to a huge Martin demo at our shop.

Here's the deal IF I am in the shop the day they do the demo I would be willing to report back on some of the cool new gear they are demoing. I don't really have the ability to sit around while it is going on or ask questions since I need to get on with my work day. HOWEVER, I would be willing to look at fixtures and give feedback on certain fixtures and whatnot. Scary but I do know most the ins and outs of lighting.

At the demo that they've hung so far: Stagebar 54(and i think a smaller version), LC series led video wall, Mac TW1, some kind of new 700 i think and a 250 wash.

We already had our guy from hes come in and show us the showgun and the dl2 and those two things sittin next to each other were pretty happenin stuff.

Well hit me up with a pm or post here and I will TRY to see what i can haha.


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If that's the one in Indy I'll be there.


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Ask them if they have plans for a profile version of the TW1 to compete with the VL1000. I asked them that at LDI last year and got a maybe... I'm curious if that answer has changed over the last year.


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The answer I got was a not likely. The head would be too long.

Got a couple other tidbits about LightJockey, but I doubt anyone is interested.

Also saw the StageBar, which is about $2,200 MSRP (but don't quote me) and WORTH IT. Bright, clean, and a decent white and amber.

But the coolest F***ing thing is which you have to see to believe. This thing is BRIGHT with a capital B. Not cheap by any stretch. I think (again, don't quote me) each 3' x 6' panel is over $20K. But when you see how much you can do with it, it's awsome. Waaaay better than a SoftLED in functionality, IMO.

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