Martin/JEM ZR24/7 Thermal Problems

Colin Bishop

ValleyPoint Church AVL Tech
I have a Martin ZR24/7 hazer, it gets used every Sunday. But about a month ago it stopped working and I only got around to fixing it last week. I determined that the thermal fuse, a DM182V thermal fuse, had blown. I got a new one from my local lighting dealer, installed it and it worked great. Then just before worship was about to start the hazer stopped working, I looked and it said it was heating up again, same symptom as when the fuse blew before.

So my Martin hazer has blown 2 fuses in 1 month. Any ideas? I need this hazer so any advice is appreciated.

Thank you!
Generally when fuses pop there is a short somewhere.

Since there isn't much electronics in a hazer I would say something in your PSU is shorting. Maybe a loose solder joint since you got it back alive cold and when it heated up it popped the fuse.

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