Hello all,

I have a Martin Mac 2k Performance that until the other day was working fine with no issues. Suddenly it began displaying an "OPEN" error which according to the general users manual means the Lamp access panel is not fully secured. I have checked the panel many times and replaced the lamp. I am 100% certain that the access panel is fully locked into place. I suspect that the sensor is just loose because when I was testing it on the floor the unit displayed the "OPEN" error for about 15 minutes and then went away and functioned normally. When mounted to the pipe the unit seems to display "OPEN" indefinitely. Everything seems to work fine except this sensor but when the unit thinks it is open it won't strike the lamp making the unit useless for performances.

My ultimate point being, I have no experience inside of a Martin Mac 2k, nor any moving light for that matter and have no idea where to even find this sensor, or how to access it. I also can't seem to find the part number incase it is actually faulty and needs replacing. I have searched online for quite awhile but to no avail.

Any guidance or direction you may offer would be greatly appreciated.
I had that problem and it was the door switch...
it is in the side panel on the head, i cant remember what side, but it is in there...

sorry I dont have a part number for you..

I agree that it's most likely a bad micro switch. I'd just pull the current one out and find the match on Mouser since it's probably a generic part. Since they have a warehouse in Dallas, you should be able to get a replacement pretty fast.
I managed to locate and replace the micro switch, however there was no change and the unit still flashes the "OPEN" error.
At this point I am not sure what the next step should be. any guidance or direction you all can offer would be most appreciated.

and thank you very much Scarrgo and Les for your help so far, I didn't even know where to look at first.
Dang, I thought that would fix it. I'd proceed to trace the switch leads down to the main board (or wherever they terminate) and see what's going on there. Maybe there's a loose Molex connector which is reading open continuity. This could possibly be read by the fixture as an open switch. Look for any breaks or pinches in the wire along the way.

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