Martin MH Profile Plus hanging iris failure

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Okay hive mind here's a new one at least for me... I have a Martin MH Profile Plus with a "stuck" Iris. I say "stuck" because if it's on the deck it works fine, but the second you hang it the Iris stops working. We have exhausted the trouble shooting list, isolating the dmx, resetting the fixture, checked the internal connections, unplugged replugged...

we have gotten a field report from another tech familiar with the fixtures who says something is loose in the iris itself, but the gear junkie in me is never satisfied with "something" must be wrong... any input or ideas from the hive mind? You can try suggestions, but if they seem relatively normal or standard I promise we tried it, so feel free to go outside the beam on this one...
It does sound like something is loose in either the mounting of the iris, or the mounting of the sensor for the iris. Check and see if there is any significant play or movement in any of those parts that isn't along the normal working axis for the iris. I bet when you turn it over, something is jamming into something else.
Your bet is probably correct, but there doesn't seem to be any abnormal play in the visible parts or difference between orientation.

Another oddity is that the tilt of the head doesn't seem to have any effect which I would expect to make a difference if gravity is in play, we're talking ~15° of motor tilt? It almost acts as if there is a gimble in the base causing it to be fully functional upright, but disabled "upside down".

In any case I think this one is headed for a service center and likely an iris replacement.

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