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Martin smartMAC

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Pie4Weebl, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Pie4Weebl

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    New York City
    The new smartMAC from Martin is designed to be a bright, fanless 150 W profile luminaire. It features fanless thermal management the company says translates into fewer moving parts and improved reliability. Lamp life and service intervals are reportedly extended (up to 2 years with 9000 hour lamp).

    A convection cooling system uses the aluminum casing and designed fins to conduct heat away from the fixture head. Fewer moving parts are designed to turn a greater proportion of energy into light, reducing heat (and the need for air conditioning) and wear and tear on the system.

    It houses eight interchangeable dichroic colors plus open, fully indexable, with full and split positions, offering a broad spectrum of colors. It comes with its own unique set of pre-installed glass and metal gobos, designed for stages, dance floors or venues. A rotating gobo wheel houses six interchangeable gobos plus open which can be continuously rotated or indexed to any required and repeatable position. The smartMAC, gobos and color filters can be changed while the fixture is still running by lifting the dedicated cover.


    I got that in a PLSN email can't find it on either's website.
  2. DarSax

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    Bethesda MD
    In a related story, what in the hell happened to the Maxxyz Compact? I saw it in I think a PLSN months ago, complete with a picture, but I can't find it ANYWHERE else. Google turns up a mention buried in the article without a picture, but nothing else, not even someone asking "where'd it go?" Any ideas?
  3. soundlight

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    I find mentions (albeit without pictures) on LiveDesign, on the Martin website, and in an LDI document from last year's LDI (apparently it was available for viewing as an "appointment only" product.) Release is probably slated for this year's LDI.

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