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It says $2236.00 for Centerstage.
Only a 150w lamp? Seems a little low for even a small room. I'll have to see these for myself to see how they really perform, although Martin is one of the best.

I've heard the output is close to rivaling their 250's.


You should be looking for around 1600-1900. It should be on par with the old MiniMac and I heard it's being manufactured from the factory in China.


Actually, they are not on par with the old minimac, they are 4600 lumens (150/2 lamp) where the minimac is no more than 1500 lumens. Martin lists the minimac with the Phillips 150W CDM lamp at 1000 lumens.

I just bought two smartMAC yokes unseen knowing that they were quiet and had decent output for a 150W head.

To my surprise, they are really bright. I'm willing to believe the smartMAC holds up and surpasses many 250W heads, except Martin's own MAC250 Entour / Krypton line. No surprise here.

Also, the angle is wide at 24 degrees.... Amazing they are able to offer decent ouput this wide.

Also, these are dead quiet when stationary.
Martin will sell a lot of these!


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Martin has a thing for using very high quality optics and other tricks in order to increase lumen output. For instance, the MAC550, while not one of my favorite fixtures, only operates on a 400W lamp and can surpass output of many currently manufactured 575W moving head fixtures.


The 550 really is quite amazing. I've tossed around the thought of buying two of these heads.

Martin does offer some of the best projector and optics out there.
There's a reason they cost more than the cheapie chinese heads.

I've been tempted to buy some chinese 575W heads, but the photometric numbers (some worse) do not look any better than Martin's smartMAC 150W heads.


I own 4 of these lights and love them! Looking to upgrade my manual board to a software system. Have tried to use both the EntecPro and Sunlight basic dongles but have had little results. Lack of gobos/colors, individual control, etc.

Does anyone recommend a quality DMX software to run a minor club show? (4 Martin Smartmacs, 14 1w LED Omnisistems, several chauvet LED fixtures)


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Does anyone recommend a quality DMX software to run a minor club show? (4 Martin Smartmacs, 14 1w LED Omnisistems, several chauvet LED fixtures)
There are plenty of software systems out there, for sure. While I've not had my hands on most of them, I was looking into them a few years ago, before deciding to purchase Ion systems from ETC. The folks at GAM have shown me the Plexus system. I like what I've seen in it for a software system. Mind you I haven't run an actual show with it, but I believe it to be a quality product! You can download it & try it for free.
I hope that helps.
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