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Hey Everyone!

So, I've posted a few times and thought it might be good to share with ya'll a bit of my background and what I do currently...

For the last six years I've had the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally with multiple performing arts groups doing everything from performer (singer/dancer) to Assistant Director to Head Technician. I've been involved with the arts since I was a toddler singing, acting, playing intstruments, dancing, and finally tech when I was old enough to comprehend what I was doing!

Since then I've been involved both on stage and behind the scenes including many shows as TD or LD.

Currently, I work for 6ft Studios which is a new performing arts organization and am presently the Producer/Tech. Director (and I help with dance and booking divisions). Eventually, I will be starting the Production division which will offer production and tech assistance to churches and organizations for everything from online dreamcasting to providing a full production team and equipment.


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Sounds like a fun job! As I usually ask, do you have a website that we could check out? It's always interesting to look at other venues.


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Welcome Aboard ! Sounds like a great background.


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It is getting to be quite amazing the diverse range of people we have here. It leads to a wide range of views and experiences and sometimes some quite heated debates...

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