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Memorial Day

Discussion in 'News' started by dvsDave, May 25, 2003.

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    [​IMG] would like to wish everybody a wonderful Memorial Day (and hope that you don't get rained on)

    I would just encourage you to remember why we celebrate Memorial Day and that's not just another holiday to hold BBQ's and go to the beach.

    We would also like to ask you to remember our Veteran's... the Men and Women who gave their life's to protect our country and to honor those who are protecting our country now.

    Memorial Day means something different to everyone. For our older members who may know someone that was involved in a war, call them up or remember those died. For our younger members, ask your folks if any of your relatives are veterans. If so, call them up and tell them thanks. I know I am going to call my mentor who was a marine in Vietnam and tell him thanks.

    If there are any Veterans amongst our ranks, we salute you and thank you!

    -dvsDave :USA:

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