Meteor Proscan Patching help needed


I have been trying to patch a meteor Elipscan(sp?) proscan for a few hours.What they are is mirrors that go on the front of a S4. Heres the problem theres 4 of them. Two of them are working patched at 16 and 6. the others if patched at anything but those numbers only pan or tilt not both. anyone have an answer? thanks
There is very little documentation for this product, I have little to work with. Sorry!
So what do they do other than pan and tilt? The link above states that they are 4ch DMX and 5ch DMX if you get the pro versions?

I would have thought that 2 channels are all that is needed - 1 for pan and 1 for tilt.

Could this perhaps be the cause of your problems? You may be assigning the wrong channels?

Don't know as I have never used them - but just a thought.
there are 5 channels on my version, PAN, TILT, PAN SPEED, TILT SPEED, RELAY. the relay switches on and off the outlet built into it.
well we have it set up using the profiles that have worked on every single show for four years now they dont. one channel tilt, one pan and one lamp intenisty.

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