Midi wing for HegeHog 4

I'm curious about using a midi controller as a wing of my Hedgehog. I like APC mini. I can't find any definitive answer if this will work. Can i assign faders, etc. Someone mentioned OSC, but im nt sure the works with hard controllers. Any help would be appreciated.

Akai Professional APC Mini


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You would need to take the MIDI from the APC Mini, run it thru Bome's MIDI Translator on a laptop to get the proper messages for the Hedgehog, and then get a hard MIDI output of the Bome's translation to plug in to the Hog. I haven't ever had to get a hard output from Bome's, only used it to map to a program running on a computer, but if there's a way that's how I would try to accomplish this.


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As long as Hog lets you use midi to control faders then there are ways to make this work. I have used APC controllers through bome for a variety of things that are no Ableton. I thought hog PC worked with midi control, but only for the playback screen that was currently displayed. That could be completly wrong as I have not used Hog in years, but I think it came up in a conversation recently, If I was understanding it correctly.

I have an APC mini, and it is okay but feels pretty cheap. Short and flimsy faders. Its okay for what it is and for the price, but look at the The MPD 232. It is much more robust. The buttons are firmer, almost like light drum pads. Over all the build quality especially the faders are much better than the mini.

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