Miking a baby Grand a choir.. any imput?

Haven't posted on here since my last gig has been finished. all was a great success!

now to my current problem for whoever can help!
I was approached by the music director just the other day and was asked about recording our "Senior Send Off" music.

This music would include our whole high school chior of about 200 students and a baby grand piano for obvious reasons.

I have knowledge in recording everything EXCEPT Pianos and chiors. I know, kind of hard to believe.I know how to run our system and everything but my major problem here is mic placement and in what set-up...

Any input would be helpful. I have all the mic's and equipment I need so hardware is no big deal. Just the ideas can't flow on my end.

I would be happy to answer any questions that come up..

Thanks again.. I know I was very vague and wuick but I have alot going on now and this is comming up very fast.. thanks again

Ohh forgot to add.. We would be recording this in our 350 seat auditorium

Thanks again!



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Piano - use two Crown PZM's. One right at the curvature of the piano where it starts to get wide, and one all the way down at the end, near the bass strings. Both of these should be so that the narrow part of the housing is facing down into the piano. Mix the two to get your favorite sound.

If you can decode my ASCIIart of the baby grand (although slightly elongated...), the *'s are the PZM's.



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There's tons of ways to mic a grand piano. I saw a recording guy put a pair of Beta 98s in one (one on the low strings and one on the highs) that sounded pretty good with the lid closed. I like to use Crown PZMs taping to the bottom of the lid. Either way, keeping the lid closed is going to be important. As for the choir, AKG C451s with cardioid elements hanging do pretty well. They need some EQ in the highs to sound really good. Another things I've done (for a swing choir mainly) is PCC-160s along the front (make sure you high pass them, I usually start around 150, but I don't know if you have a console with variable HPFs).


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I am with Soundlight on this one. It is the best way to mic a babygrand. I would also use AKG C1000's if you don't have the PZM's.

As far as the chorus, there are a large range of good choral mic's out there. I like several by Shure, including the MX200 series. In general, you will need good condensers to do the job right.


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I also like the MX200 series for mic'ing choirs. I usually use MX202B/C's. That is, black hanging condenser with cardioid module and cable-mount preamp. Great unit, used them in high school for picking up choirs as well as for songs during musicals.

But, if you can get the money, AKG 451's are the way to go, as audioslavematt described.


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It would help to know what you have available in terms of mics.


In obviousness in addition to the great ideas for the piano overhead choral mics work the best in the areas that they are singing the placement of these gets very tricky based on mic's used and the power of the choir if u have the ability to hang these dont hesitate to spend some time figuring out how hi or low and how far away you should place them. other thots are if looks dont matter putting 91's pointing up at the bottom of your stage or better yet mics like 81's pointing upward at the front of ur stage dont be afraid to experiment with placement if you have the time.

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