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I got myself into a bind...i over loaded myself with shows...and now i need to come up wih a plot for miracle worker...i got most if it worked out...but waswondering what is a good generic warm and cool colors i should use to wash the stage.
no-color pink(rosco 33) and no-color blue(rosco 60?)
i will generally use 201 which is a full c.t blue and a 206 which is a 1/4 c.t orange for a warm and cool, they are both very natural and subtle.

lee: 201 c.t blue & 206 1/4 c.t orange
roscolux: 3202 full blue ctb & 3409 rosco sun cto
e colour: same as lee

not sure which one u guys mainly use over there, but hope that is a help.
For warm I would use R02, a nice amber. I'm at school now, and my swatch books are at home, but I'll edit this post at home and see what I think looks good.

I did this show 2 years ago, we did an interesting thing, it was half live, and half video taped. We had a projector screen set-up and projected the scenes we didn't do on stage. I still have footage of a train going over the video camera that I got for when she is traveling.

EDIT: Hum, cool... I use G870 for my cool wash at school for all of the basic stuff. This is a very light blue, and ends up color correcting to a much whiter light. You may want to look at G830 or G820, its sort of a pale blue/violet.
We just did mircale worker this past summer!

For the black and white scenes we used 'hot' lights with no gels...
For the colored scenes we used Gam 155 & 385 which is a light pink and a bastard amber.

At the end, the director requested that a there be a violet light on both the little boy (i forget his name) and on hellen when the mirical occured. We used a light directly overhead along with a light coming from another FOH position to create a really nice effect.

We also used a color wash on a black traveler used at the end of a show using violets and blues.

Hope this helped!

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