Mobile Lighting Unit

Hello Everyone!

I am looking to build out a lighting setup for my Site Specific theatre company. Except IDK where to start/buy.

We are looking for something that helps create ambiance color, create face light, ability to control dimming, and are easily hideable blend in to everyday locations.

We do things in bookshops, living rooms, etc.

I've used Lifx bulbs in the past but am looking for something a bit more controlled an theatrical. anyone have any great products they use??

Less that 2500 would be ideal, but change my mind.


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I think the budget limits you to the DJ market of equipment (A good LED Source 4 would cost almost your whole budget.) Still, there are quite a few options within that market as long as you are willing to deal with the lower quality. Sounds like you are headed for four floor stands with LED washes, a few "more focused" lights, and a controller. Your power options are likely to be one or two outlets, which should not be a problem for a small LED rig. No need for dimmers as LED fixtures take their dimming commands from the DMX. Can't really supply any additional advice without a lot more details about what you are trying to achieve.

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