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Hey! I'm working on a scene where two boys have to dig a well. I've got the well itself figured out, as it is a 4x8 platform with a hole cut in it, at a bit of an angle. A second platform is set at a slightly steeper rake and goes to the floor.

What I need is for it to not look like plywood. I need a convincing surface to look *something* like ground/dirt/grass/rocks, etc. I'm not asking for photorealism, just better than a platform...Any thoughts? Anyone seen anything done like this? The total surface that needs to be covered is 8X8...
If the well is stationary(or a unit) you can lay plastic on the platforms--if you want to be neater, or burlap if you want it to hold better, and literally put a layer of dirt over it. It holds just fine. Or, if you're after a prettier look, you can lay sod on the plastic. Then it can be watered and kept healthy through the run.
As always you can add rocks and dirt to taste.
I like your suggestions phoenix, but the one issue I neglected to mention is that this is a traveling show...
Since it is a traveling show, maybe buil a bit of a lip above the platform to hold the dirt in place. That would allow you to move the scenery while minimizing any mess.
Hrm. I can't help but think that dirt would make it inordinately heavy...

I was kind of hoping someone had a solution involving erosion cloth or burlap or something more temporary.

We need more scenic painters/textiles people on here. :p
a good idea is to get some old carpet that is brown on the downside of it.
lay it over the plywood with a few things underneath it to make it look there are bumps in the ground.

then if u have the time place some gardern mulch over it to give a textured look to the ground

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