Modified Telrad, No Batteries, has Area Lighting added


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I brought a Telrad home to repair and ended up making it work without batteries and added two sets of area lighting: White & Blue.

Removed the batteries
Added 5v Phone charger Wall Wort
changed dimmer to an on/off switch
added 2 more switches for Blue and White Area lighting
Added 2 Blue wideangle LEDs and 2 White wideangle LEDs
Did the wiring with LED Dropping Resisters

and now I have the coolest Telrad ever . . .
Just finished it, will have some pictures soon


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What else can I add to this tricked out Telrad ?

Room Lighting, USB Charger, Laser, MP3 Player, Clock, . . .
@WooferHound (From CB's total abstainer) Chilled beverage dispenser??? (Just cuz I don't drink doesn't mean my friends don't.) Possibly a BBQ spit c/w great BBQ'd chicken and scrumptious, mouth watering, beef?? Maybe a fries and rings dispenser, even if you had to insert quarters.
Ron Hebbard


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I got a chance to use the modified Telrad (above) for 5 performances of Jersey Boys. I totally love the fact that there are not at batteries, and I know the Red Target is at Max brightness.
The area lighting was OK. The Blue setting seemed kinda useless, but having the white light setting was very handy. The LEDs on the front of the Telrad got out of the spotbooth a bit too much, getting into the top balcony area.

So I built an improved Batteryless-Lighted Telrad with the only white LEDs on the Back. Have been using it this week for 7 performances of the new show "Kinky Boots" . This keeps the light inside the booth much better and it is wonderful having this setup, even though there is an electrical cord going to a wall outlet.

Some uses for the white area lighting are . . .
Opening a difficult candy wrapper
Retrieving a dropped snack off the floor
Fall off the stool and need to know if you are bleeding
Seeing my watch that doesn't have backlight

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