Motorized Fader Issue Yamaha DM 1000


Hi All,

I'm trying to repair my DM 1000 and am having an issue with a single motorized fader. Please note that: I HAVE REPLACED THE FADER, which I have done successfully with this console before, but this time my issue still continues.

This fader will move down but not up. So for example, I can get it to move from 0 to -inf but not from -inf to 0. Everything about the touch sensitivity and the level calibration is just fine when I move the fader manually, so it's just an issue with the motorized part...but just in one direction.

Any idea why this would be happening and would continue after I replaced the fader itself? I have visually inspected the ribbon cables and resistors associated with this fader and everything looks okay, but I don't know what else to look for or test.

Thanks for your help!


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