Motu help

I have inherited a Motu 24i unit from the previous boss at my place of work. I have no idea all of the parts necessary for this to play nice with my computer and have no manual. Any step-by-step instructions would be nice....

i plan on using it with adobe audition, if all works out well.
the cool thing about it is that which you have directed me to is the 24 I/O, the newer equal of the 24i and nowhere on motu's site can i find anything about the 24i.

sll is well, however, because i called customer support and got a nice guy this time (as opposed to the not so friendly person i spoke with yesterday).

everything is working except for the splitting of the tracks in audition. motu man said he couldnt help me because he wasn't supposed to give advice about products without the mark of the unicorn.

anyone know anything about making this work?

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