Mounting AMDJ Autospot 150


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Greetings to all,

New project of the week....
I have a pair of AMDJ autospot 150 s that I want to mount on the <infamous> truss mentioned in a prior post. I can't find any info on the size of the mounting holes on the underside of the unit.

I checked AMDJ website and found the manual, but could not locate that particular spec. I also contacted AMDJ tech support, but they couldn't find the info either (product is discontinued). I seem to recall it was M10, but want to verify before ordering clamps.

At 29lbs+ I don't want to lug it down to the local Ace HW to "size" the hole. Anyone have this machine or know the size?

Thanks as always.


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The answer is standard 3/8" mounting hole. I found one of those plastic templates that is used for sizing wood screws. I was able to 'match' the hole & determine the needed info.

--John A

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