Moving Head Fixtures!

What attributes are must haves?

What will be your trim height?

Is this for theatre?

How many fixtures will you be buying?

Can't offer an intelligent suggestion without knowing more.
Why 1500 per? Is there a number you want to reach? You might be better off buying less but getting more...
i can fly with a fixture under 1500 each but if i surpised them with something over that b/c of the price they would reject the offer. I need spots with at least a 15 degree lens. It will be used for concert type events. thanks in advace
Why 1500 per? Is there a number you want to reach? You might be better off buying less but getting more...
I agree with that, the only movers under that price are those crappy $1k american dj moving heads or scanners. I would get nice fixtures and less. From looking around a bit Elation has a nice look 250 watt hyrid wash spot fixture for $2500, but I have not actually used these fixtures: Head
A surprising value moving head we've found is the Lynx 250.


- 8 channel operation
- 9 colors + white
- 7 variable speed rotating gobos + open
- variable speed color scrolling
- interchangeable gobos
- dimmer/strobe effect 1-7 FPS
- 16 bit pan movement 450 deg.
- 16 bit tilt movement 270 deg.
- pan/tilt auto position correction system
- 3-facet prism
- auto focusing
- standard DMX512 protocol with 3 pin XLR in/out connectors

Includes: Power Cord, XLR Cable, hanging bracket with hardware and safety cable.

Voltage: 120v/60hz
Lamp: 90v/250w MSD included
Weight: 50 lbs
Dimensions: 16" x 14" x 21.5"
Gobo Size: 27.8mm outside & 21.6mm inside

About a grand.

The Elation Design Spot 250 mentioned above would also be an excellent choice as it can do double duty - wash or spot. They can be had on the street for under two grand.
I've found one on one of the sites that I check for my school's budget. This seems like it would be the perfect fit. It's quite a few watts over the other two mentioned, and it's got quite a huge feature-set. It's right on the price barrier, at exactly 1500, but there are bulk discounts. It's got static and rotating gobos, a color wheel, motorized focus, a three-facet prism, and many other amazing features. Good for the price. (I want some!)
Check it out. I think that you'll like it.
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Check it out. I think that you'll like it.

Until he calculates the cost of operation.

The HTI300 lamp is rated for 750 hours and has a replacement cost of around $ 130.00. The MSD250 is rated for 3000 hours and can be had for around $ 100.00

Quick math indicates a four to one replacement cost: $ 520.00 to $ 100.00 every 3000 hours.That can get pretty expensive if you have multiple fixtures.
Ok, new idea. Even higher wattage. Only a bit more. Coming in at exactly 1500 dollars. The lamp is rated for 1000 hours. 575 watt fixture. Depending on the throw distance, that could be extremely usefull. Especially if it happens to be competing with source fours or 500W pars and fresnels. The bulb can be had for under a hundred dollars (93.80, to be specific).

And for that the repacement cost is 2 to 1 against the 250W fixture that Bill suggested, after computing the math with my new figure listed above. With more than double the wattage, that may definitely be worth it.

HMI-575=1000 hr.
MSD-250=2000 hr.

difference is two to one.

Here's the listing for the bulb that I'm talking about:
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Wattage is only a measurement of electrical consumption, it has nothing to do with brightness or output.

Consider the 100 watt incandescent light bulb, it offers less output than a 40 watt fluorescent bulb.

The original poster has still not answered one of the most important questions, that being trim height. Trim height (or average distance of working throw) will determine the correct fixture for the application. What good is having a Mac 2000 if you must dim it to 40% everytime you use it.
Well i got an approval of a 5000-6000 dollar budget so I am very happy! So tell me what you think is the best, i think im going to buy 4 to 6.
A few very important questions still haven't been answered. What's the throw distance that these fixtures will have to cover? Are there any specific features that you're looking for? What beam angle are you looking for?
If Buddy is purchasing these fixtures for a school, I doubt the school will be willing to shell out $ 1000.00 for a used MAC 250 Krypton that's listed in "poor" condition and "needs work"

When and if we ever find out how far he has to throw the light, making intelligent suggestions will be easy. :)
On the subject of moving heads ... anyone on here tried the Studio Due Shark 250's?

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