Multi core cable


I am looking for the following used equipment:
2 50’ multi-core cable
2 stage pin break-ins
2 stage pin break-outs
I am at a loss of places to contact for such things. If you have any ideas were I should look, I would greatly appreiciate it.
as i am in Canada and have many industrial electric contacts, i dont know how i can help an isolated techie living in the US. IN your case i would revert to making your own. Have you tryed the electrical suppliers in your area? Im sure they will have the catolgos to purchase any size plug you need and can order multi strand cable. Prosoundweb has got a nice article on building multi pins if you havent already looked at that. its at
are you looking for terminated soca cables? or 19 conductor cable bare?... BMI supply and about every other supply house sells these.... be prepared to spend some money on them though....
Just about any theater supply or stage lighting production company would be able to make and or resale this type of cable.

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