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I am looking for a Multi-Patern Condenser mic. I need it to record Bible Studies where everyone (up to ~125 people) is sitting in a circle (or square or whatever) arround a centrally open area where I would put the mic. I have recorded in this manner before with some friend's mics and it worked out quite well.

The hitch: I would also like to use this mic for recording instruments, and singing (with a tighter pickup patern). If my friends bring along enough mics, we might also like to position them in the Bible Study so we can switch them to a carteroid patern so we pick up less noise from the other side of the room then where people are currently speaking.

In short I need a versitile condeser mic, and I would prefer not to spend a ton of money on it, as the cost is comming stright out of my pocket! Any suggestions?
I was originally going to say some sort of ambient mic (DPA hang, AT UniPoint, etc). But since you'd like to mic insturments with it. The Shure SM-81 gets my vote, great for mic'ing ensembles or used as overheads. Sounds great on acoustic guitar, acoustic insturments, and on some amps. It's a little pricey. There's always the entry level SM-81, the PG-81 which still works nicely. But is nothing compared to its big brother.
So what would be the best way to mic the large group with something like this? hanging? that usually isnt an option b/c these are usualy held in gyms or multi-purpose rooms with bascily no setup time. Hmm.... I like the look of it, I am not crazy about the price, but it is kinda what I was thinking I might have to spend.
The AKG C-414 comes to mind as well as kudo's to the C1000 mentioned already. Wide variety of uses...with Versitile patterns, high spl for various applications...Low-band roll off for room noise...good for live or recording on vocals or instruments. Fairly transparent and been around fgor a long while in studios. Sold in singles or stereo pairs..needs phantom power. I have 4 stereo pairs of the 414's--the older models with the goldcaps... The new models (C414 BX2-something) supposedly have snazzy LED's and other new features now...

I'll second the SM-81. I've used them to great effect when recording (and reinforcing) chorus events, as well as other things. As far as setup, what I usually do is use our boom mic stands, extend them all the way up, and angle the mics down. This works very well and is easy to set up quickly.
The AKG C-414 looks really nice and is probably just what I am looking for, but the price is steep... unless someone knows where I can pick up a good used one!

I am a little leery about putting mics way up on boom stands for the Bible Studies, people like to be able to see across the room and some people are kinda against having the mics there in the first place. (make it too impersonal or add another thing for them to worry about (but dont as me what they are worrying about! lol))

The SM-81 and AKG C1000S both look like good mics, with the AKG's specifications and reviews matching up with the fact that is abit cheaper then the 81. Hmm.. Need more thought (and a higher paying job!)
A PZM might work out for you. It'll do a great job at your meetings and is also very useful for micing kick drum both live and in the studio. You can also use it on a vocalist or guitar when you want the room sound, like in a nice aud or small reflective room.
Hmm... hadnt thought of that. How/where would you mount it? I'll try to get you a pic of the primary room for the Bible studies. I am kinda worried about it being on the floor in b/c there is a good deal of walking arround and there isnt any table in the middle or anything. It's an interesting idea to follow up though.
This pic shows about 1/2 the square of people, and as you can see alot of people walk arround and the mics and chairs get moved arround alot. (ya, we used a fleet of el' cheepo mics aimed arround to record it all last year and it didnt come out too bad, but I know I can do much better :) )

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