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Thanks for taking a look at my question
I have 2 pars on a single dimmer. I want to patch that dimmer into my console, but when using MA3d, I want to see both instruments in the space come up. I cant seem to find a way to force two instruments to the same address on the console, and I tried to duplicate the fixture in MA3D to achieve the same result, but both are being stubborn. How do I patch the Console to include both fixtures on one address OR manipulate MA3D to have one Channel command from the console to control both instruments in the visualizer? Thanks in advance!

I think you have to multipatch a dummy in the console. Then it will act as 2 fixtures on the same channel in 3D. It adds a bunch of junk to your patch, but really does not effect anything in the real world.

Also check out Its the official/unofficial support forum for MA.

Thanks for the reply Mike. Ill definitely head over to that forum and poke around. As far as the dummy fixtures being patch in, will these take up available parameter counts in the console, as well as output dmx to these dummy fixtures?
I you add a multi patch for fixture 101, then click on "fixture positions" you will see 2 lines of fixture 101. You can move these fixtures around individually. As long as you don't put any patch info for these, they should have no effect on your real show, or use any parameters.
Working on MikeJ solution, I found the trick.

1. Setup
2. Patch and fixtures
3. Select dimmer fixture you want to duplicate with a single click on it.
4. Once selected with the white line around it, press "Create Multipatch" (just above the heart that indicates the session status)
5. Indicate the number of fixtures you need to add to the original one (if you have 3 par lights connected to the same DMX address, press 2. Those 2 plus the Orignal one, will make 3) and press PLEASE
6. You'll see those two new DUMMY fixtures added to the list with a black background, same channel ID but no DMX patch address showing this simbol "(-)". Note that you can change color code and possition parameters that will make it show on MA 3D.

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