multiple video playback in frame accurate sync

Looking for an inexpensive way to playback multiple videos in frame accurate sync. I would like it to be scalable to add additional screens\hardware. I know that the Alcorn Mcbride Binloop will do this but it's way out of my price range. The only solution that I have not tried are Brightsign Players that claim to only drift in the milliseconds. I know about Watchout but that to is too expensive. The videos may be up to an hour in length. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

Sam Kusnetz

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anything cheaper than brightsign hardware will be of questionable quality. they really are the best in this realm.


How many outputs, of what resolution? And do you need frame accurate sync because a single video is spread across multiple outputs with the displays seamlessly butted against each other, resulting in tearing if there are frame differences, or can you get away with a couple frames difference in outputs?


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There have been many times when I searched in vain for a "Watchout Light" solution. There are open source scripts that enable network sync to lock multiple PC's but you have to have a lot of video chops to build your own system. I think there is a market for a simple windows base software that would allow you to run multiple NUC style PC's in sync over the network. I even dabbled with the idea of using the Windows smart stick PC's that have a single HDMI output and a network connector. You just plug it in to the projectors HDMI port and add a cat 6 cable.

Mad Systems has a feature in the Quicksilver show control system that uses USB compute sticks to deliver HDMI video in sync with multiple players but it is a closed architecture system so you cant deploy or program it yourself.

Sam Kusnetz

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brightsign is the way to do this. they are rock-solid reliable, affordable, and play in sync:

(edit: more current link)

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