Multiple Wireless DMX protocol transmitter?


Feb 20, 2012
Long Island, NY
Maybe I'm just daydreaming here...

Is there a product out there that outputs on multiple Wireless DMX bands? Something that can talk both to CRMX units and W-DMX units? Or is this not feasible?


Jim @RC4Wireless #RC4DoesThat
Aug 21, 2009
Raleigh, NC
There are no standards for wireless DMX, so there is no inherent compatibility between the various technologies.

There is, however, some interoperability between W-DMX and CRMX:
LumenRadio receivers can link to W-DMX transmitters for basic DMX channel data. I am not certain this is true for the latest generations of W-DMX, i.e. G5. However, those transmitters can be set to operate in an older mode, i.e. G2. Then the Lumen devices can link.
BUT there is no RDM support when doing this, and the compatibility is only for basic DMX data, from W-DMX transmitter to LumenRadio receivers.
You can NOT do this in the other direction, from a Lumen transmitter to W-DMX receivers — it does NOT work that way.

No interopabiility exists at all for any of the other protocols from other manufacturers. So far, there has been no attempt at creating standards, and this is because wireless technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds.


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