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Mustache that can be attached and detached many X during same perf??

Discussion in 'Costumes and Makeup' started by coyspapa, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. coyspapa

    coyspapa Member

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    We are doing a production that requires one actor to play multiple characters. One of those characters has a mustache that must:
    A. Stay in place and look real.
    B. Be removed very very quickly for a costume change into a new character who has no stache.
    C. Be quickly and firmly re-attached when changing back into the said character.
    D. Actor will only have seconds to remove and attach the mustache during the costume change. (Actor would like to have skin above lip still in place after removal.) I'm afraid spirit gum would take too long for the solvent to take effect and mustache ripped off.

    Does ANYONE know where or how I can find this miracle mustache?

    ANY help appreciated!
  2. Chris Rigby

    Chris Rigby Member

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    Heber, Utah
    We recently closed a production of Crazy for You, where the main character switches many times between two men, one with a mustache. Almost all of his costume changes were less than a minute in length, and we managed to do them with spirit gum and solvent. I know it's not ideal, but with enough hands and practice, you can refine the process to a mere few seconds. In light of how a mustache has to stay so firmly attached, spirit gum is usually the best option.
    Just to give you an idea of what had to happen, this character had to change mustache, wig and costume all in less than a minute, many times over. There is even a sequence where he changes twice in one song. In order to make this work, he would literally come off stage, sit down, and a team of around four people would converge on him, taking care of his entire change while he just sat there like a rag doll. Simple solutions with practice are often the best.

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