My Big Fat Obnoxious Keychain


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That is, obnoxious to everyone but me!

What tools do you carry in your pocket or on your belt when at work?

I have a craftsman 15mm (size of a c-clamp bolt) ratcheting box end wrench, a blue-point (snap-on) 6" wide jaw adjustable wrench, my keys, and my brand new AA Maglite!

I attached a large key-ring to the neck of the ratcheting wrench so it slides up and down but the ends of the wrench prevent it from slipping off. This is attached to the loop on the adjustable wrench. My keys to the theater doors and cabinet padlocks are on a seperate ring which is also attached to the adjustable wrench. The mag is in a holdster on my belt. I stick the ratchet in my pocket and let the rest hang out.

I hope to add a 3/4" craftsman ratcheting box end wrench on another ring, an LED penlight on another ring, an LED bulb for the mag, a safety leader on a caribiner, and a bely-holdstered Gerber Legend 800 multipliers, plus a set of car keys when I can drive. ;)

Anyone use any of these tools?
At work I usually have, in my pockets:

a c-wrench, attached to a belt loop with some tie line
my leatherman, a very nice leatherman with 2 saws a knife, a small screwdriver that I use as a pin splitter, plus all the other stuff leathermen have.

In my bag, to be grabbed as needed I have:
another c-wrench
another, smaller leatherman
a GAM check (one of the best things ever)
a sound cable to get from headphone out to RCA in, so I can plug my iPod to the sound system
gloves (setwear)
a cable slicer (what you call it, to get the plastic insulator off the cable...)

a bunch of other things that I forget at the moment...
All of our tools live in our closet off stage left, but usually I carry my keychain, which is also loud and obnoxious, and an Altman tool around (much easier to use than a C-wrench for lighting!) Other than that, I also keep my PDA on me to jot down lighting notes and a pen.
hmmm...i too have my loud, obnoxious keychain with like...20 keys, i then have my 8" cressent wrench on a safety phonecord. the wrench can also come off and be replaced with a altman wrench depending on what im doing. i then have my Gerber, then my knife, phone, and pin splitter, and maglite.
I always have my Gerber, a AA Maglite, and my C-Wrench. I carry them in this neat belt pack I got from Tools for Stagecraft. It looks llike this:


I really like it. It has pockets on the front for the Gerber and the Maglite. Behind them, it has a pocket that fits my C-Wrench perfectly. And it all fits onto my belt.

On my key chain, I have: Dorm room key; House key; Locker key; Bike lock key; Maglite Solitaire, Glowing Sushi, Lucky Dice (I stole them from a girl I used to row with.); Watch; A binder clip and the key to my Laptop's lockdown cable. I make quite the little jingle as I walk down the halls.
i have my mag, C-wrench and leatherman on my belt, keys to the amp rack and my house keys which have a keychain mag in my pocket and my locker contains 5 types of tape at least, extra wrenches, pliers, all kinds of wires, a screw diriver and alot of other stuff.
i keep my keys in my pocket(at hate all of the crew wearing their keys, they're showing off, i dont mind if you have a reason but we only need one key at my theatre). i usually will pick up a wrench, screw driver, and gloves during focus or set.
well, i carry a mega wrench, a small knife, a solitare maglite, and ofcourse my keys on my keychain.
In my pockets, i usually have my gloves, a c-wrech, my zippo ( i don't smoke, but it comes in handy at times), a pen, sharpie, my big knife, my cell phone, and my pda, i love my pda, it's helped me pass trough a lot of very boring rehersals, and it's great to take quick notes on. On my belt, i carry my gerber 600 series, my leatherman pst, 2 maglites, and another c-wrench. yes i know it's kind of over kill to carry that much stuff, but i people borrow stuff, and i like to have another so i can use it, if i need to, and usually a box of 4 AA batteries. All of this is just during shows though.

normally i only carry one multi-tool, 1 maglite, no wrench or batteries. And i have a locker in the scene shop, so it's not like my stuff is far away.
if i carried a regular knife i would get in so much trouble it is rediculous, i have found that it is easier to avoid the whole mess and deal with the pain in the ass of opening my leatherman every time.
boy i hate to see your belt your whole body must be covered with pouches. Or do you have some sort of tool belt?
i carry one of each, because i bought the leather man first, the bought the gerber, i carry the gerber everyday, and the leatherman also during shows, i mean, i might as well get some use out of it. and with the gerber i like being able to operate it with one hand when i'm on a ladder screwing around with a light, but my leatherman will open one handed as well, i've used it so much it butterflies open, it's cool.
and yes i have a pouch, that carries, my gerber, my maglite, my c-wrench, batteries, and a pen, and my sharpie, i never go anywhere without a sharpie.
what are thr rules on knives/multitools at school? some kid at my school just got kicked out and in ALOT of crap legally beecause he had knives at school, apparently there is some law. But I cannot find any info ont he laws on it online, does anyone here know anything about them? I'd assume they change a little from state to state.
On me : Mini-maglite, maglite, leatherman wave (with tool adapter, plus bits).

In my job chest/toolbox : 4 inch grinder, circular saw, drill, cordless drill, air compressor, pneumatic nailgun/stapler, manual stapler, hammers, mallet, socket sets, wrench sets, screwdriver sets, extra screws, glue, extra staples/brads, nails, jigsaw, bit set, carpenter's square, speed square, duct tape, gaffer's tape, glow tape, clamps, more clamps, electrical tape (many colours), blue gels to cover lights backstage, flashlights, nightlights, chisels, 3 or 4 tape measures, a pack of mechanical pencils, neon sticker sheet with 'Grover' on them - to label tools, drinks and cute actresses/prop mistresses as my property - and chalkline with extra chalk.

*grins* Thank the lord for job chests with wheels :) My goal is to be able to roll in with enough stuff to equip a build team with enough stuff to build, well, anything - and since my theatre owns nothing toolswise and since most of my build teams have never used powertools before... well, it takes some doing.

i don't know about any laws concerning knives, as far as my school went, security and the principal's all knew we carried them, and what we used them for, so it wasn't a big deal, as long as we didn't pull them out outside of the theater, if they saw them outside of the theater, we would have gotten in trouble, but for the most part they didn't care.
my assistant principal lets me leave my leatherman in his office all day so i dont have it in class where i dont need it, but if i had an actual 1 blade knife, with no other tools or purpose, becauseit is so much easier to pull out and attack someone with they would flip out.
maybe I wll ask my's a private school, so it's not ike there is a police officer around I can ask....i just really don't want to get expelled and get felony charges :)

On my key ring, I have a key to a lock on my big box of whatever (kinda like oldgrovers box, but without powertools), a key to my room, a key to my house, a key to a lawnmower, two other keys that go to other lawnmowers that don't use the standard ignition key,, and a drumkey. I do alot of tech with bands and drummers are very good at losing theirs, I have learned.

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