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I Just got a Behringer Ub1202fx mostly for podcasts and learning but i love it now i just need 3 inexpensive xlr mics

You could go with something like that. The mic is junk... but for $20 you cant really beat the price for a cable and stand (and I think I got mine for abit cheaper). I bought two of these a while back and have used the mic occasionally for spoken recording stuff and, belive it or not, drum micing (ya.. i didnt have any other mics handy... and it picked up an *ok* snare).

Of course, you have TONS of other options out there for cheap junk. Congrats on the mixer purchase! :)
I've heard a lot of bashing from people (not here, just in general) about Behringer products, but personally I believe they are great for the price. I've never had a problem with anything, but my equipment doesn't get daily use either.
I've own:
1x DI100
2x GI100
1x Ultra-Graph Pro GEQ3102
1x Eurorack UB1204-Pro
...Would never look back...

Patrick T
Patrick I agree with you there is Behringer bashing going on. Yes sometimes products fail. Look how many safety recalls car manufacturers make and they don't seem to get bashed as much.

I have a Behringer ep1500 amp which I really like. A school I recently helped with the lighting got a 8 channel Behringer DI box for the orchestra. This was because there were a lot of keyboards that needed DI'ing and they couldn't afford to rent DI's any earlier. So I suggested Behringer. They paid $NZ 200 where the rental for just over a week would have been $NZ 100. So it will have paid for itself in two shows. And it gave the MD peace of mind in that the orchestra was setup for sound earlier, instead of one day before dress rehearsal.

But it always comes down to buyers choice. One thing though a lot of people have got into sound through the low end brands when even a few years ago they never could have afforded to.

Sorry for the rant but Behringer bashing just for the sake of it annoys me (this is in general and not directed at anyone on this board).

Back to the original topic Chitek I was also going to suggest the Behringer microphone 3 Pack.
I must say that I have nothing against Behringer amps, mixers, cabs, or processing. They have all served a company that I know very well. One of their FOH racks is ALL Behringer amps, and they have a Behringer FX processor and a 32-ch Behringer mixer. I know a church that could have had a much better mixer, but they chose a Behringer because they wanted a high-quality mixer that had ease of use and a good feature set. And this church has the Sennheiser Evolution 300 series wireless, so they aren't short money. Behringer's only fault IS their microphones. After having all of this good experience and great remarks about Behringer, I had my school purchase their 3-mic pack. I was sorely dissapointed. They feed back too much, and the frequency response is lousy, especially for recorded material. The capsule is also a VERY low quality capsule. I would highly reccomend ANY Behringer equipment EXCEPT their microphones. Go Samson for mics. Get the 3x R21 or, for better quality, 3x R11 pack. While they can't beat a Shure or Sennhieser, they do just fine for most applications. I have an R11, and it sounds much better than the Behringers. If you have the money, go for the Sennheiser 3x E815S pack. I got this to replace the Behringers and they sound sweeter, produce little to no feedback, and are much higher quality. The Behringer mics are the only downfall of the company.
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