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Conventional Fixtures Mystery Lights

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by disc2slick, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. disc2slick

    disc2slick Active Member

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    Key West, FL
    Hey all,

    Digging around in my company's storage facility I unearthed three Berkey-Colortran Multi-Broad lights. I've tried google, and the Photometric's Handbook, but can't find anything about them in terms of beam spread. Anyone know anything about them?

  2. dramatech

    dramatech Well-Known Member

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    Winter Haven, FL
    The Colortran multi broad was designed as a light weight fixture primarily for television remotes. Being less expensive that their studio counterpart, many low budget studios purchased them for studio use. If it is the same one that I am familiar with, It has a handle on the back that moves the lamp to various distances from the reflector. It was made recatangular as to give a wash or fill llight with less requirements than a scoop. In fact they became the replacement for scoops in many TV studios. One of their advantages, was that they could used as either a "fill" or a "set" light. I don't remember the ANSI code of the lamp, but I believe that the ones we had were lamped with 1000W. Before Berkey purchased Colortran the instruments were painted with a bllue hammered surface. I never encountered them after the Berkey purchase, so I can't comment on whatever changes may have occured. The photmetrics would change as the lamp was moved in and out.

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