n00b here, hello to all


Hi everyone, I just found this site, and was eager to sign up.

A little about me...

Stage Manager @ Synetic Theater
Lighting Designer @ Classika Theater
Assistant Technical director @ Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center
... as well as a host of other things at various local theaters.

I've been doing lighting for the past 12 years, and I have been doing sound for the past 4.

Hobbies: Theater, lighting, cars, diesel engines, auto racing (sans NASCAR).

Anyway, hello again, and don't n00b bash me too much. ;)
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Noob bash ? We don't noob bash. Just cause your'e a diesel lovin' nascar drivin, volkswagen huggin' new guy, Don't think we'll hold it against you !

Welcome aboard !


Thanks for the welcome
Van and Chris.

No NASCAR for me though, more into the European classes, F1, and World Rally.

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