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I would strongly recommend attending one of my favorite events at NAMM every year for those of you who are going. ESTA hosts a Happy Hour for their Behind The Scenes. It's a great event, filled with a veritable who's who of the entertainment technology industry, and it's for a great cause that CB has been happy to support over the years.
Thursday, June 2, 2022
Anaheim Marriott, Anaheim, CA

The Behind the Scenes charity provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals or their immediate dependent family members who are seriously ill or injured. Grants may be used for basic living or medical expenses. The BTS Counseling Fund helps with the costs of seeing a therapist or entering rehab. The Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative provides tools and resources to support entertainment industry workers and promote mental health and psychological safety. Behind the Scenes brings help and hope in times of great need.


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I Second Dave's recommendation!
Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend this year.
For Chauvet Professional, it's just packed too tightly against InfoCOMM, and a few other events (all overlapping).

This has been primarily a DJ show for us (as they sell through retail)... That said, because of the ESTA presence, and the quality of classes, I'd like to convince the Chauvet Professional marketing team to invest the time and dough into this show again.

Maybe next year....


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Hey Friends if you are going to NAMM and would like to score some of the sweet CB swag I'll have with me send me a message here on CB or join the CB Discord and message me there.

Don't be shy! I'm always excited to meet new people in the CB community.
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I confirmed with Milton, he'll be running the "DMX512 for the Rest of Us" session on Sunday, June 5, at 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM in room 203B. The session is part of the ESTA Curated series.

Hope everyone stays healthy! SoCal is seeing a surge in cases now.
I was just looking at that and I'm planning on going. I can always learn more about DMX and ways to teach it to others.

What Rigger?

I'm so fly....I Neverland.
Random stuff.
L: representing my Local and my huge head at the Mariachi Divas set
M: Tough guy pose at the IATSE 33/504 booth (where I would have a great hour long chat with Eddie Raymond)
R: 3 CB dudes walk into a MEWP standards update...


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Well, NAMM was smaller, but still excellent. I heard that it was about half size, which sounds small, but it's been running around 115,000 people, so half is still a LOT! Our corner of the industry was represented by a strong showing from ESTA and the ESA.

I spent most of the show in classes. I hear a lot of people say that NAMM is just for musicians. It WAS, but they really are working hard with ESTA and the ESA to change that. Yes this is currently not the show to go to, to see crazy light shows. You will see more guitars and pianos than light fixtures, but it may become that given time.

But let's talk about the classes I attended:
-The latest standards on the use of MEWPS (lifts) taught by our own @egilson1
-There was a two part class on safe electricity on stage taught by Richard Cadena. Do you know how many musicians have been electrocuted on stage!?!?
-I did a 6 hour session on rigging truss and outdoor structures.
-A class on planning event safety
-a class on how led lights alter the appearance of the set and costumes.
-A class on DMX with Milton Davis.

My brain is FULL! So many great classes. Yes, not as much variety as some of the other options, but the content was excellent and there were lots of options to her ETCP renewal credits.

As for the show itself, I always look for a cool gadget that I haven't seen before. Entertainment Fabrication has won Gaff's favorite new gadget in the past with their clever boom bases. This year, they win again with a clever device you can use to hang pipe and drape from truss or battens. I didn't get video (it was too loud) but here's the product page. If you do that kind of work, you should really check it out.
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