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Whenever you want to order something and your local supply house doesn't have or can't make you a good deal on it, where do you go?

Personally, I have a few:

BMI Supply (
Mainly Lighting and Rigging

Alpha Sound and Video (
Mainly Sound, Some Stage Lighting, and Some Video

Markertek (
Sound, Video, and More

GGVideo (
Great Deals on Sound, Intercoms, and Video
Oh I have to get in here before ship does and say McMaster-Carr

I must admit that since ship put me on to them I have placed a couple of orders and they seem to stock most things if you are looking for hardware, connectors, solvents, glues etc

Over here though, the choice is fairly limited so you either go to a competetor, wait or order from O/S
Propmonkey, Full Compass looks like a really good resource to have, but Vincent Lighting doesn't seem that great. I can't find a single ETC product in their catalog and on their used products page, most of the prices are higher than I get them new at BMISupply.
i havent used vincent but we've used fullcompass. we got our 2 source4 zooms form them for $426 each.

We use them almost exclusively. They list a little higher but it all comes down in their huge percentage discounts. We get like 28% taken off the bottom line of every order.
Full Compass, B&H, BMI, Production Advantage, MarkerTek, ALS, Design Lab Chicago, ILC, Grand Stage/Vincent, Rosebrand, etc

Those are pretty much my main vendors that I'll choose from.

I use full compass quite a bit because it's so reliable, easy, and usually the cheapest. They have good catalogs too. Everyone once and while I'll go through B&H because they tend to have a lot of rare items in stock, so there good for one off purchases. Usually my full compass loyality will save me some money in larger purchases. MarkerTek has a lot of rare stuff, but they're usually pretty average in price. Where else can you get a race car helmet camera? They're disposable supplies are marked up a bit, their tapes are so expensive. BMI and Production Advantage are nice for that sort of thing. Production advantage can be a cost a little bit more but they're always the most reliable, quck, and easy. Production advantage have pretty good reps too, you can call them up and they'll do the magic for you. It's nice when you're in a rush and need supplies asap.
I found a new one that has great prices and doesn't take advantage of you on shipping: To get their prices, you really need to go the Negotiate Live link on the product page because of MAP guidlines.

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