Need help! Using Full Boar 4 for the first time

Will I f up the entire show?

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Hi I’m new to the forum and more importantly, very new to lighting design. I started because I produce music for a friend of mine and he recently started performing live, so we needed certain lighting cues. We couldn’t find anyone that was down to help without a huge fee so here I am. Anyways we practice with this shitty lighting board that really only has 3 faders and a strobe, it really only helps get the cues right and written down. But today I’ll be using a full boar 4 for a show and I’m nervous. There will be another LD there to show me around the board and I’ll be using all of his patches and cues/chases. But I was wondering how intuitive it is? And if I have anything to worry about? I’ve used a smaller system before at the Echo in LA and had no problem with that after the LD gave me a rundown. But that was about half the size. Anyways, any advice would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

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