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Hi, I'm new here, but definitely not new to tech, but there are still things that I do not quite understand. So I was curious to know if there were any books or something that you guys would recommend me to read to understand more of the technical elements of theater. All help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Oy--welcome to the boards, first off. Second, let me point you in the direction of the search function, books have been discussed a billion times in the past and you'll find a wealth of titles and suggestions to work off off. There's actually a very recent thread about peoples' all-time favorite lighting books.


Thank you so much, and so sorry for not using the search, I completely forgot about using that. Again, thank you so much.


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Oh the lowly Search function. We all forget it at times. Welcome aboard post a note in the New Members Forum, and tell us a bit about yourself.

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