NEMO eats grapes.


I did the audio design for The Grapes of Wrathe last semester at NIU (documented too at

Well, we all know its fun to mess around with the cast during early rehersals and what not. Well, during the end of i want to say the second to last show, when the Jodes walk through the rain, we had a catch trough for the water, so they walked through that. Well, one of the ASM's, who was my ex-girlfriend (started dating her when she was a dancer, decided she wated to turn tech . . . long stroy short it got uncomfertable, i dumped her) decided to put a plastic nemo toy that she got from McDonaldds from dinner that night into the trough. Well, nemo decided that he was going to move onstage to the far end of the trough, and when they all started trudging through the trough, he jumped out. Right on stage. I don't think anyone noticed, we're al better for it, but i know no one was happy about it. No one said who it was . . . probably should have.


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That's funny. You never can trust those red fish.


That's really funny. And sounds like what happened when I did lights for Little Shop of Horrors. We had four plants for when the plant was growing. And the tech crew believes it was the Actors joke for the final run but some how all four made it on stage at once! Thank god that the play was at the very end and the audience thought that they should have been there. Needless to say both cast and crew took a tongue lashing from our director.

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