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neutral density filter

Discussion in 'Wiki' started by NickJones, Apr 13, 2009.

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    A gray filter that reduces all wavelengths of colors equally, achieving the effect of decreasing the intensity of the light source without changing its color temperature. Often used on gaseous discharge sources that can't be electronically dimmed.

    One manufacturer's offerings, from :
    All four gel manufacturers, Rosco, LEE, GAM, and Apollo offer various intensities.

    0.15 ND reduces light 1/2 f-stop, 75% transmission
    0.3 ND reduces light 1 f-stop, 50% transmission
    0.6 ND reduces light 2 f-stops, 25% transmission
    0.9 ND reduces light 3 f-stops, 12% transmission
    1.2 ND reduces light 4 f-stops, 6% transmission
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