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The speakers in our show choir's large portable system are showing their age. We own four JBL EON-15Ps and three JBL EON-10Ps. I really don't want to switch to a passive system because I want ease of use but still get good sound with choir miking. I've narrowed it down to either EON G2's or Mackie SRM450's. What do you think?
Personally, I love JBL so I would say to go with the EON15 G2. Just as a note,I have worked with the Mackie(nothing exceptional about them, good but not the best)
Sort of a moot point since the Mackie's haven't been around for 20 years. Neither, for that matter, have been the Eon G2s (which are light years better than the originals).

FWIW, the Mackie speakers are made in the EAW factory right alongside the EAW speakers in Whitinsville, MA (Loud Technologies, Mackie's parent company, also owns EAW).

Yes, it's important to me that gear keeps kicking year after year. But I'm not going to choose an inferior sounding product because other products by that brand are "still kicking 20 years later".

Again, I wouldn't recommend a Mackie mixer for almost any use; they're not designed or built terribly well. But the speakers are an entirely different ballgame.

And, remember, this is coming from the guy who had a CafePress shop featuring a searing parody of the Mackie "running man" logo on various t-shirts and other gear that was pulled offline by CafePress because Mackie (who apparently is not familiar with the fair use provision of copyright law that allows parody) claimed it was a copyright/trademark infringement. Trust me, I am NOT generally a Mackie fan. It takes a lot for me to recommend their gear. And I recommend their powered speakers over JBL's.

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