New Control console


My TD came to me yesterday and said that we are going to demo a new console. but they don't have the name of the console or the company. I was wondering if any of you have heard of a console that is all touchscreen, I would like to read up on it before it comes in. Thanks
Almost any newer high end controller has touchscreens. Hog family, new ETC Congo, GrandMA, JANDS Vista, the list goes on. You gotta get at least a brand name.
Since you said a console that is all touch screens, I'm thinking its something similar to Martin's Light Jockey or a Hog iPC.

But, just a shot in the dark without a brand name or anything.

Tell us if you like it, as well as what it is. I'm always a little unsure about a strictly PC console, I like the idea of having my keypad and fader set-up with buttons I can push, as opposed to using a mouse. But, of course, thats just personal preference.
The Hog iPC is still quite a bit of buttons. While a lot of it can be done by touch, the whole thing can be run without using the touch screens. If it is a Hog iPC though I think you will like it. It is a nice board, it can be a handful to run at times though.
From what i read i think that it is the Vista T4. I will let everyone know how i like it when it comes in. Thanks.

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