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Hi, I am more of a lighting guy, but my director asked me to write up an order for new curtains(it is about time because some of the cutains are over 40 years old!). I was wondering what companies people(you guys) have ordered from and had sucess?? Thanks
I really like I Weiss, but they're a bit high end. However, they've been around since they put roofs on theaters, so they know what they’re doing. There are some other lower priced companies I use regularly with good success, but their stuff is kinda you-get-what-you-pay-for, which isn’t to say it’s bad, just not as glorious to behold as I.Weiss or Rosebrand.

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All of our theatre's soft goods are from Texas Scenic Company. I don't know what their prices are like (they did the original rigging installation and systems integration), but the quality is very good. I can also definitely agree with Rose Brand, having seen the quality of their soft goods at other theatres.

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