New Elation Stage Setter 24


Elation has a new conventional console ( new to me ) a Stage Setter 24 . . . like the Stage Setter 8 with 16 channels . . . this one is 24 channels and a couple more bells and whistles . . .

Also . . . the Elation Forums are down . . .

I was wondering if anyone else has seen this new console ? Looks nice . . .

Also shown on the site is a new Stage Pak 2 . . . includes a Stage Setter 24 with 3 dimmer packs and cables . . .

Anybody know of any dealers selling either of these ?



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The Stage Setter 24 is a replacement for the Scene Setter 24, and is not yet readily available through many elation dealers. It could be up to three months before it goes on sale through the dealers, as was with their Magic 260 controller. (Or at least that's about the delay that I observed). You may want to contact BillESC, he is an elation dealer and may be able to hook you up with the new board.

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