new gear! yay!


I'm sure you all get all giddy and excited when you know new gear is on the way.......I've even had dreams about new gear I just had to share this little bit. I finally got tired of doing lighting on the little behringer board...and having it malfunction half the time, so after searching ebay I found a great deal on an ETC express 48/96. I didn't win the auction, but the real winner didn't now it's all mine! And now I can add another 3 grand to that pile of debt that I'm in.

Anyone wanna buy homemade lighting cables? Heh..I need money bad.

Now I just need to wait for the guy to send me an invoice, and ship it. Too bad it won't be in in time for my show this saturday...but I've got plenty more gigs lined up.
i know exactly how you feel, my school is installing a new sound system and every day i go into the theatre and ask the electricians who are doin the wiring how much longer it will be. as soon as they finish wiring the sound people will come insatall the equipment and hopefully they will be done before tech week!
Very cool!! You are going to love that board! Last year I upgraded from a 12 chanel board (the really old kind with one row, A, and another row B, and one slider to swtich back and forth. I dont even know if it is a brand that is still arround anymore! The express 48/96 has been a GREAT board and I have not had any problems with it yet! (holding my breath that it stays that way!) Enjoy it!
ooh! very nice choice! and as for contractors working in schools, when they say a week they mean at least two.
hehe, like they actually gave me a choice!!!! I begged and begged to be told when the planning meetings were going to be held so I could go and reccomend the setup and equipment, but I was never told when they were, and it was all done without me.

The kinda funny thing is that now, after the fact, everyone is realizing that that was a HUGE mistake because of the ammount of change orders i have been fileing. I got some good news today though, a crew was in looking at the auditorium figuring how best to overhaul the sound system. (And these guys were from some company that this is actually all they do instead of some guy who has no idea about sound writing some system of paper without knowing what he is writing)

The very cool thing about this overhaul is that it is going to be paid by state building funds!!!! yeah!!! no fundraising!! hehehe, I am spoiled in some ways :)

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