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Our TD has grown tired of useing the smoke machine as a hazer so wants some input on what to get now. Now I pose the same question to you, what hazer for a 800 seat theater would you use? Now the downsides commen voltage only none of that 220/240 junk, lets try to keep it around 500-550, DMX is not a requirement but would be handy other than that go wild.

So far I have looked into:
Jem ZR24/7 Hazer- a little too pricey
Neutron XS - same reason

I would like to to be name brand, unless you know for a fact that DJ Bobs supper dupper hazer machine is worth the money.
Sorry I cannot be of much help with this, as I have never even used a hazer. I will, however, be watching this thread to see what gets talked about b/c i have always wanted to be able to use a hazer. (those times where you are programing lights and say "oh this would look sweet if you could see the beams for this look!!!")
The best (IMO) hazer is the LeMaitre. Remember that you have a consumable cost in the fluid. LeMaitre uses next to nothing per hour (I think it's like 1 teaspoon). There's one by Chauvet, but it uses a lot more per hour, so the cost of fluid eats up any savings gained by the cheaper purchase unit price. I've never worked with the Jem stuff, although I did use a Magnum 2000 when they were still selling foggers under the Martin brand. It was a great machine, but bigger than an F-100. I also didn't like the way the dmx interface could be so easily removed, but oh well.
LeMaitre or Jem

My tech director rents out equipment for local shows, and he uses a LeMaitre, and it has never died and uses VERY little fluid. Great output aswell. Jem is also pretty good, shoot, try the Jem Club Smoke system. This sytem is :twisted: . Two 15,000 ft/min heads feed off of one tank. Very good for larger venues. Looking for somethin smaller, go w/ the ZR24/7 or Magnum hazer.
We have a Jem 24/7 hazer and it works like a charm. Dependability is totally worth the money.

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