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First Impression

Elation’s Impression LED Intelligent Moving Head

Delivers Ultra Brightness and Speed in Super-Compact Package

Low Power Draw, 100,000-Hour Lamp Life, Low Heat Emission

Give Impression Edge Over Conventional 575W Fixtures


LOS ANGELES – Elation Professional has taken the category of moving yoke washes “LED-years” into the future with the introduction of the Impression, an ultra-advanced, high-output DMX-compatible LED moving head designed for professional stage, video, exhibit and architectural use. With an output comparable to or exceeding a 575W discharge fixture, the Impression is virtually unmatched in the brightness it delivers for its compact size and low power draw, as well as its lightning-quick speed of movement.

Powered by 90 new high-performance K2 LEDs from Luxeon, the Impression reaches its 575W brightness at a 50% or better energy savings over traditional 575W fixtures, thanks to its high output of 60 lumens per watt. Yet amazingly, this little dynamo weighs a mere 16 lbs., giving it an enormous output-lumen-to-physical-weight ratio. And it’s small enough to be mounted on a 14” center, making it ideal for use in all types of installations as well as for rentals and touring productions.

The Impression’s state-of-the-art stepper motors, combined with its compact moving mass, give it unparalleled speed and range. It is capable of reaching 660° pan in 2 seconds and 300° tilt in 1 second, with extremely smooth and fluid movements.

In addition to its low energy consumption, the Impression offers all the other advantages of LED lighting. These include extremely low heat emission and a long lamp life (rated at 100,000 hours).

“We are very proud to introduce the Impression, a first-of-its-kind of fixture, which we believe will set a new standard for moving yoke wash luminaries,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “We developed this groundbreaking product in response to the demand among entertainment, production and architectural lighting users for ever brighter, faster, smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient fixtures.”

The Impression is available in two versions: RGB color, and all-white. The RGB version contains 30 red, 30 green and 30 blue LEDs, with wave lengths optimized for maximum visible color gamut. It can create a virtually infinite palette of colors via RGB mixing, providing very fast, smooth color fades. Additive color mixing and variable color correction from 7,200K to 3,200K ensure that colors will always be sharp and accurate.

The all-white version of the Impression contains 60 cold white LEDs and 30 amber LEDs, which allow for continuous color temperature adjustment. This lets users create various shades of “cold” and “warm” white hues for different needs and applications.

Both versions of the Impression utilize a highly efficient collimator cluster optical system, and are equipped with an interchangeable lens carrier with a 10° beam angle. An optional 25° beam angle lens is also available (sold separately).

Flexible installation options allow the Impression to be operated in any position – hung from the ceiling, mounted on the wall or standing on the floor -- making it suited for a variety of applications. The compact, lightweight fixture is also very easy to transport – 6 units can be packed in a truck in the same space 2 traditional fixtures would take.

Other features include: a variable speed strobe effect, 0-100% dimming, 10- or 14-channel DMX operation, backlit graphic LCD control panel, and low-noise temperature control ventilation system.

The Impression comes standard in a black case, with silver or white case colors available by special order. The unit weighs 16 lbs., and measures 14.5”H x 14”L x 5.75”W. The MSRP of the Impression is $6,999.95.


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Yeah, I noticed that one a few days ago on the elation website. However, I'm almost positive that I'd seen it on another manufacturer's website four months ago or so, so I think that it was a purchased design. And it wasn't GLP (elation's german counterpart).
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I wanna see some live pics of this in action up against some normal movers.


So what is the difference between Elation's Impression and GLP's Impression?


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Oh, that's easy: One is imported from China by a US company and the Other is imported from China by a German company.:)


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From what I gather, Elation and GLP are rather closely tied - they deal in the same products, or at least have very similar product lines. Almost all GLP products are also Elation products. Except that GLP still apparently sells the Joy series scanners, Concept series scanners, and Pocket Scan. So they're a bit behind the times.


So which China company makes these Impressions?


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Looks impressive, I'll have to ask the higher ups here if we can get a demo. I'm interested to see the comparison to that of a conventional fixture.

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