New Leviton Boards


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As mentioned in a previous post about LDI, Leviton has come out with its own line of lighting consoles. After checking out the marketing brochure, I think that they could work really well if the button layout works well and the console is reliabe memory-wise (no dead backup batteries like colortran). It's got ML and Conventional control, and the top models have touchscreens. I like the 48-sub models...24 subs for conventional and 24 ML sequence/positions subs is how I'd set it up. Hmmm...maybe I should try to get a demo of this console for a rock show that I'm doing this spring...that would be amazing.

New Leviton Consoles


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can't pass judgement really, i'm not qualified, but it looks as if they're just another member of a growing pack. i didn't look all that different from the hundreds of board out there.


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A lot like audio sound mixers. There's really only a few layouts that make sense. It's the software and quality of the hardware that differentiates one product from the other.


It looks like Leviton has put together a pretty nice product. I hope the language isn't as counter-intuitive as the Strand 520i that I have grown to know and love. I still think that if I were to go out and buy any new board today, it would be an ETC... although the Strand is making its way up my list the more I use it.

I wonder what the pricing for the Levitons is going to be.


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Well, considering that the only download that they have on the site is the marketing brochure (no datasheet, manual, or specs yet), I wouldn't expect it out for a while. February sounds about right. Some time first quarter 2007.

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