new LJ version 2.7.1


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You shouldn't overwrite a previous version, but put it in a new folder instead. Just in case there are bugs, etc.

From the build 7 release notes:

Build 1

· Added built-in profile Mania EFX 600, Mania SCX 700, Exterior 1200 Wash

Features added:

Build 1

· Added support for the Universal USB/DMX interface

Misc. Changes:

Build 1

· Added a progress window to the Setup/Fixture Configuration dialog.

Bug fixes:

Build 1

· Fixed EFX 500 rotation/shake speed fade button
· Fixed Acrobat intensity control

Offline Visualizer updates:

Build 1

· Updated Visualizer application. (Version
· Library updated. (23.12.2005 update from

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