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New member from redneck riviera

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by stoteg, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. stoteg

    stoteg Member

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    Niceville, FL
    Well then howdy y'all. God help me if I ever talk like that in real life.

    I'm a 20 year old lanky college student in my 4th semester. Fell in love with theatre and acting at 16 at the hands of a woman named Christa Whittaker; decided to pursue it as a career. First year of college I realized that if that was going to be my career, I would need something to make actual money, so I fell in love with lighting at the hands of her husband, Bob Whittaker, for a few reasons:

    1. the first time I ever met Bob was when I was 16. TGIF. after show. turn to give his wife a hug. hit waitress, forget about christa, start apoligizing to waitress all at once. my hand drifts down on top of christa's chest. A 7" blade is running across bob's thumb across from me. Friends ever since.

    2. Before I cleaned it up (a bit) I'd ingested a number of substances that had cemented an intense appreciation of colors.

    3. I'm slightly color blind.

    I hail from a small college in NW Florida, and spend most of my time at the Mattie Kelly Arts Center. For such a small town/college we're outrageously privileged thanks to a woman named Mattie and the foundation people who b*tch over her money. Our mainstage seats 1600, our blackbox seats almost 200, and our ampitheatre can seat around 4000 with the grass. We ahve a fullsize 2 door loading dock and wood/metal/welding shop. I get to work with a full size grandMA board pretty much whenever I want to and only when I can figure it out. Really wish I could get hired onto a house crew contract but unfortunately that won't happen for awhile cuz I didn't clean it up in time (haha). I also need a dang job.
  2. Goph704

    Goph704 Active Member

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    North Carolina
    How close are you to Orlando? If your job hunting you might want to look at a place called Orlando Shakespeare Festival. they are a great place to be, and their M.E. Rob is actually an amazing guy. I worked with them a while ago and enjoyed the experience a lot even though I had to leave early. A friend of mine also worked for the Miami opera down there and I know they hire out for a year long contract at least. Having that Grand MA on your resume is a great thing, and you might want to point that out in interviews. Then of course there is LDI and SETC, but your a little late for both. How do you feel about rental work? I understand there is a lot of that down there.
    -Good luck

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