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Man, I just got a new Mackie ONYX 1620, and the thing is awsome! I havn't gotten to take it to a gig yet, not for a week or two, but I'll post my own review of it. Just trying it out at home, I can say the Onyx pre's are as good as they say, as well as the perkins EQ. I don't have the firewire card yet, but I hope it works as well as the mixer. Plus, it gave me a reason to rearrange my "home studio." pics might follow sometime.

This is a big step up from my little DFX, and so far I give it an 8.
Oh, yeah, sorry, got bogged down in some other things.

I got to use it at mass, and it was superb. The mic pre's are crystal clear, not as much fuzz as my DFX, and the EQ sounds beyond great.

The LED meters next to the faders came in handy during set-up, so I could get the gain set across the board, then only have to worry about the faders while playing. Also, channels 1 & 2 had switchable mic and hi-z circuts, which helped since I don't have a DI box, and I played electric guitar plugged straight into the board, and we have an electronic drum kit that never had enough volume, even with the gain hard right (which made an ungodly amount of fuzz). I just plugged them in, pushed the button, and had all the volume I wanted.

The low-cut filters on each channel helped too, since there's a lot of moving around, it cut out most of that noise, and I like the auxs that can be switched between pre/post fader, they came in handy for the monitor mix, since they wanted the monitors muted when not singing, so I just muted the channels in use, and, presto, no sound. I do wish it had a break switch to mute all channels, instead of doing it one by one.

I don't have the firewire card yet, I spent most of my money on the mixer, and I need an EFX unit, but, after those'll come firewire, and a laptop.

Over all, I give Mackie a 9 for what they've done with the ONYX line. It is a great mixer, and Mackie has a winner here, despite what people say about them.
Are the phantom powers per channel or one switch for the board?
I have mixed on the onyx series mixers, actualy the large frame series 3280, and i found that compared to even the A&H 2400 32 channel that they are in a much ower class for the same price. I found that if i leave the main up and bring down the sub group i get a slight well somtime more than slight cross channel talk that has been connistant through all Mackie mixers. I am sorry to rant on Mackie but i find that A&H GL2400.
P.S. I prefer Midas Herritage 3000, or a Yam PM4000.
That is one down side. Even if I have channels muted, if it's a hot enough signal, it'll still show up in the main mix.
my most recient run in with that problem was yesterday when i had the board at -30db gain, and fader at 0 , muted and it came through bright as day well very distorted but bright as day
Well, compare price ranges. Mackie must have spent more resources in maikg the console more user-acceptable by putting individual phantom switches, the Hi-Z input, etc and good pres ohter than designing a great bus system, which is very expensive.
on that note i understand this but the AH consoles all have great busses, but I would prefer VCA any day but now ur talking 20k+ a console, i guess once you step over that line u wont go back.
I have had that happen on my allen & heath gl4, its like 10 yrs old, i got two channels that cut in and out so i dont use them n its only 10 xlr/mono 2 stereo n need all of them... but ya our computer for sfx at -30 fader at infinity it will come through great, muted it is still possible to hear it, but only if you are listening for it...i just want a new console. im not a mackie fan for lack of quality. I've never had problems with the ones i have used but i want something with more flexibility and better quality. i have however due to budget reasons considered the 2480 onyx....
for that range look at a AH GL2800. but for bright and distorted yeah wehn u have a signal that is about 60-70 db amplified, but cant understand any part of it its bright and distorted, but u can also have bright musich tats distorted (refering to very high freq.)
I think i have looked at that one too....i have my eye on a venice but that is way out of our price range (i think)
Run far far away my friend!! Call Sweetwater and talk to them about your situation.

My sales engineer is Scott Senn 1-800-222-4700 Ext. 1366
I am going to assume you are refering to the link about the console i posted. Did you guys have a bad experience??? If so, what was it so I have a better reason not to let them buy it.
Behringer has serious quality issues as I have seen in their guitar amps and heard in their cheap mics. Ask any pro engineer about Behringer and they will most likely have some fun at your expense!

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